Songwriter, Producer, Engineer, Emcee, Presence, Substance, Energetic, Authentic are just a few of the words used to describe the talented artist known as Klep.
Originally hailing from Toronto's east end, Klep has been recording and writing music for many years. Beginning to take music serious at the age of 19, he's been involved in various projects,cyphers & collaborations including a solo mixtape, ETR - epitome of toronto rap (2007) as well as a solo album, Honour amongst thievez (2011). Promising to deliver one full length project each year including mix tapes, he released his sophomore album, Myne for the Taking in September of 2012. Featuring production from Hyraoh, Amen Raw, G Sharp, and of course, Klep himself. In developing his own style which can only be described as ferocious lyricism, Klep has established a well known reputation for being a hungry MC with an energy combined with cadence and punch lines that are sure to leave listeners awe struck. Open to collaborate with other skilled artists, he has been featured on several mixtapes / albums from artists around the world. With childhood friend Hyraoh as his main producer, Klep provides a signature sound. Ranging from concsious-knowledge fueled tracks to a rambuncious I don't give a F@#% type attitude over uptempo instrumentals. Maintaining creativity throughout, Klep is one of the few artists who keep it real and strive for no less than the best sound quality.