Every 10 years or so in each genre of music, sport or entertainment comes a shining star. 
King Turbo was introduced to the East-side of Toronto in a Borough called Scarborough as an uprising Reggae Soundsystem elite. This group of young entrepreneurs had made a conscious decision to "make reggae look great" around the world and starting with the local Community. After playing numerous House parties (local parties kept in individuals homes) they moved into the warehouse parties (empty garages and warehouses) because of the large crowds that were being attracted to this young group of innovators.

Establishing themselves as a sustainable business withing the first few years excelled King Turbo above the local D.J's because of the skills of mixing music, the marketing and branding of having the first "logo" for a dancehall sound, promotions, mix cd sales and creating the infamous "Turbo dancehall hotline" and landing a Radio program (Morning Ride) on University of Toronto CIUT 89.5 FM with this mixture of street intelligence and marketing knowledge this sound became a leader within their peers and began to excel past the local expectations.
Leaders come far and few between and the ability to understand when its your time is a blessing as much as its a gift from a higher being. After being involved in some of the most popular events in Toronto such as Caribana every year and setting the foundation for the homecoming events for Colleges and Universities accross the Province of Ontario and beyond was definatley Marquis. Sports weekend Canada was the name and it helped to create the crossover of genres that King Turbo became known for. A reggae sound system that also played Popular music in other genres. This route seemed to prove successful for King Turbo and at this point RickyTurbo (Founder & MC) decided to start taking the "game" outside of the City, Province and Country. Although we were a crossover sound in terms of our crowd we were well respected in the Dancehall reggae martket.

Staying in the Local scene seemed to be frustrating to one particular member so the idea of playing outside of the country was not only introduced but pursued. Realizing that "juggling dances" was only good on a local city scene level Ricky DA BOSS Turbo decided to take the clash scene as a route to Brand the sound name in a way that would have longevity in the scene. With the tender balance of not offending our mixed market crowd and completley subduing himself in the Dancehall Soundclash market the doors startet to fly open for RickyTurbo.

By the time June of 2005 was around, RickyTurbo decided to take his career into his own hands and find put himself into the world Clash market. Travelling to New York, Texas and keeping yearly events in Jamaica his home town gave him the confidence to continue in the market. 2006 seemed to be a monumental year, a trip to Kenya in Africa followed by his first European dates in Holland 2007 was definatley a boost in the brand "RickyTurbo" "KingTurboRicky". 

Recently the "BOSS OF boss" KingTurboRicky has travelled to his second European tour in 2012 featuring himself as the headliner for 4 Cities in Italy and Geneva Switzerland helping to mould the new market of reggae lovers. So what is to come for KingTurbo Ricky, recently with his Manager "The Coach" they have embarked on the promotion of reggae music outside of Canada and keeping their premiere dance in Groningen (Holland) bringing forward Rory the icon from Stonelove Sound along with Foundation Sound (Foundation brought RickyTurbo in 2007 Groningen) following up his tour with dates in Germany with Supersonic and Switzerland and Italy will prove that the BOSS is on track for successful year of Reggae promotions not only for King Turbo but also for Toronto Canada.