Born in Nairobi, Kenya, Amar’s past is filled with cultural diversity from influences of an Indian background alongside a Kenyan environment. Playing the role of Malcolm in the middle, Amar has an older and younger brother that migrated along with their parents to Toronto in 2006 and is currently a student at the University of Toronto studying Psychology and Socio‐Criminology.
Looking at his music, Amar presents a different take to rap that is shown not only from his lyrics but his persona and presentation as well. His lyrics are inspired by events that have occurred in his life and in the lives of those close to him, portraying his personality and not only an individual but collective view that others can relate to in his music.
Inspired originally by his late best friend Jesse Mathia to begin writing poems in class to just express emotions and play with context of the English language (TGIF- The Girl I Fear), eventually adding a beat to the poems and changing the flow to become a rapper as well as combining years of choir singing to create a interpretation of music through story telling seen in some of his earlier work “Boy Meets Girl”, “Everything I Am”.
After spending some time in the acting industry and becoming part of a fraud agency, Amar has suffered a lot through the music and acting industry often seeing others question his continuation. Though the challenges have enlightened others that it’s not the fame or the money that makes him carry on, but the true love of the music.
Currently working on his first official mixtape, alongside school and work Amar hopes to inspire others to show that if you truly love something, in a world that paints dreams to be unrealistic unless you have the right funds or friends, “Condemned” hopes to portray the life of a dreamer as an unstoppable force, facing an immovable object. So much more can be said about a person that can’t be fit in such a small place, the best way to understand anything is to ask questions, if you do have any feel free to email or any of the social media websites below.
The story behind SNS is simple, SandS stands first and foremost for Sunil and Sheri. My mom and dad and the reason i make music and do what I do, I do it for them. Secondly it is Sinner and Saint and I believe we all have this bad and good side towards us and it’s a constant fight between the two.Other key ideas fall under 3 simple letters such as Success and Sorrow, Satisfaction and Sadness, depending on the mood. And the idea with the $ is that money does matter and underneath it all whether you agree or not money (and love lol) but in this case money makes the world go round.